Your responses will be reviewed at the next 55th Reunion meeting Jan. 27. Survey results will be posted early Feb.

Please answer the below survey questions:

I plan on attending  dinner/dance

I plan on attending  meet and greet

I plan on attending Savanna school tour

I plan on participating in the car show

I plan on partaking in the ladies Brea Mall shopping

I plan on playing Golf

The survey results will help your committee plan and evaluate Reunion events.

Answer yes or no .......or a short text. If you plan on attending answer with a yes....if not answer with a no....if not sure answer with a short text explaining your situation.

......Your 55th Reunion cmte

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1)   Attending dinner/dance answer with yes or no.....not both....or a text explaining your situation

2)   Attending meet and greet

3)   Attending Savanna school tour

Yes No
4)   Participating or attending car show

5)   Partaking in Ladies shopping

Yes No
6)   I will be playing Golf

Yes No